The Kitchen is a light open room in the new section of the building, close to front door access, toilets and lift. It is equipped with a large 90cm oven & 5 burner hob, a large fridge and constant hot water supply. Crockery and cutlery is available but for large numbers of matching elements we would recommend hiring in.

The Kitchen is regularly booked in combination with our other rooms – so you can provide catering for visitors & guests.

If event is within 5 days please call 09 378 2030.


Off Peak (Community) $9.60

Off Peak (Business): $19.20

Peak (Community): $12

Peak (Business) : $24


Maximum : 5


90cm Oven + 5 burner hob

Large Fridge


ZIP Hot Water


Air Conditioned

All new surfaces

Easy Access


Please note it is the hirers responsibility to set out furniture as required for your event and to clear away/tidy up after each booking.

‘Leave it as you find it’