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Warkworth Town Hall was commissioned by Warkworth Town Council, which became part of Rodney Council. Rodney amalgamated with other local councils in 2007 to become part of a larger Auckland Council, which remains the current building owner. The building was extensively renovated between 2015 – 2017, using a combination of rates funding and local community fundraising, organised by the Warkworth Town Hall Restoration Trust.

Auckland Council are responsible for maintenance of the building and facilities, whilst the members of the Town Hall Trust administer the general running and improvement of our facilities.

The Hall is overseen by Rural Halls, Auckland Council who engage local Managers to run the day-to-day operation of the building, help create and co-ordinate events – and generally encourage more use of the venue by the community, who can hire the facilities at a 50% discount.




Peter Henderson


Warkworth Town Hall Trust


Jo Heaven

Rodney District Rural Halls Advisor – Auckland Council

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Alex Hayward


Venue | Events | Promotions

 027 527 8869


Adrian Hayward


Venue | Events | Promotions

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